Springfield Brewery, Wolverhampton

On Friday last I visited the site for the first time. I have seen the site before, watched its slow disintegration from the window of trains heading north (Shrewsbury, Manchester, Glasgow) in recent years. It's highly likely that I passed the site many years ago, before I knew I might work on the site, before I knew that I would live in the West Midlands, before I was an adult: charted - my rise, its fall.

The Home of BUTLERS ALES Pride of the Midlands

...the text on the wall peels, the text on the wall appeals, attracts. A brewery - it's got to be interesting. Never knew it was called Springfield, not being local, not until recently anyway. What have we here? The place has been (is still) loved, the site has been abused...the bevelled blue bricks of the perimeter wall extracted to sell at 10quid a go in a local salvage yard, maybe I'll buy one.

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