work in public & private collections

British Library

On The Ironside Line, Sky I, Seven Short Walks, Cupiditas Videndi

Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

from Sowtontown, Steeplechase, Cupiditas Videndi, VTC/NTL

Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris

Meneage Lanes, MLW, On The Ironside Line, Steeplechase

Centre Des Livres D'Artistes, St-Yrieix-la-Perche, France

MLW, from Sowtontown, Lanehead, Où Est 602?, NTL/VTC

Tate, London

Où Est 602?, from Sowtontown, Lanehead, Undwelt-in-Wood, Steeplechase, Compass, Walk to Mamhead Obelisk, To Wicca Pool, SCNIs, Seven Short Walks, Papillon, NTL, FH601, a place of consequence, SEA II, Volume, Enter a Cloud, Plane

National Art Library, V&A Museum

After Dusk, Lanehead, A Short Walk to The Long Man, Compass, Walk in a Man-Made Forest

Chelsea School of Art

After Dusk, Between Sea and Sky, A Short Walk to the Long Man, Lanehead, On The Ironside Line, Undwelt-in-Wood

Leeds Art College

Walk in a Valley of Vision

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