printed matter

2003 - 5

Crag Head

On a small hill above Brantwood in Cumbria sits an obvious boulder; it is a glacial erratic, and was deposited here during the last ice age some 10,000 or so years ago.

This piece is a fold-out which addresses the extremes of scale found in the landscape. When slotted together the two halves form a cross - one axis deals with time and the other with scale.

The time axis extends from the 10,000 years since the boulder was deposited to the handful of seconds that it took for the shouts of football players to carry up from the village below. The scale axis moves from the many kilometres of mountain skyline through to the few millimetres covered by a lichen on the glacial erratic boulder.

The crossing point of the piece becomes the co-ordinates which represent a specific moment in time and place on the earth.

Produced in March 2003
12 in edition
147 x 76mm
4 copies remaining
£8 (exc. p&p)

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