printed matter

2000 - 2

Où Est 602?

The boundary between France and Spain runs from Fuenterrabia on the Atlantic coast, across to the Punta del Ausell on the Mediterranean coast. Here, according to the maps, is boundary stone number '602'.

An interesting no-mans land where these two countries and the sea meet. But I could not find this final boundary stone - a '601', and '601 Bis', but then nothing, just a paint mark on a rock. Perhaps the stone is further down at the foot of the 206m high cliffs.

The book is hardbacked, bound with screws, and contains references to the strange assortment of constructions which are found on this headland between Port Bou and Cerbère.

Produced in November 2001
12 in edition
134 x 94mm
7 copies remaining
£22 (exc. p&p)

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