2010 - 11

Seahouses townscape development project

'The aim of the project is to improve the appearance of [...] Seahouses, and position the town as a key heritage attraction and a gateway to the Farne Islands'. Project initiated by Seahouses Development Trust and Inspire Northumberland.

Following a period of research Christine Reay of Northumberland County Council and I produced a design guide for Seahouses which was launched in Spring 2010. Following this the public toilets in the village were clad in a bold artwork to encourage debate and involvement in the project - it certainly got people talking! And here.

Three of my proposals came to fruition in 2011: three SeeSea seats have been installed; a specially-designed Seahouses shopping bag is on sale in the town; and a town map was installed on the wall of the public conveniences.

Visit the project gallery to see what's been achieved. Seat images courtesy of Graeme Cooper.

Project 'diary notes' here.

Some PDF downloads:
'HousesSea' postcard
'Cobleider' postcard