Meshwork Worcester

With David Patten & Robert Colbourne

‘Meshwork Worcester’ is an artist-led initiative that builds partnership with Worcester City Council (Heritage & Design Team) and University of Worcester (Humanities & Creative Arts). The aim of ‘Meshwork Worcester’ is to invest artist thinking (R&D, action research, and infrastructure building) in the recent ‘Master Plan for Worcester’ 2011 (David Lock Associates) in advance of the City Council’s commissioning of second level master plan studies in 2012 (which include Public Realm Strategy, Lighting Strategy, City History Trails, Active River Strategy, Public Art Programme, and Programme of Cultural Events).

Phase #1 of 'Meshwork Worcester', the research phase, ran from May 2011 to July 2012. This phase saw an intense period of working and exceeded expectations resulting in a host of achievements at local level and with national significance of how artist can work within the realms of the government's new National Planning Policy Framework and its notion of 'cultural well-being'.

Phase #2 (due to start by the end of 2012) will put into practice the concepts and mechanisms developed over the last 15 months and carry forward the advice that was developed in tandem with the City Council's Heritage & Design Team that is currently available at:

Some images from the first phase are available here >>>