LOCATE archive boxLOCATE - BBC Media Village, White City, London

A three-month on-site project, which established the physical and virtual location of the corporation's new White City development through interventions and artists books. Integral to the project was a series of workshops and walks, which I ran to give staff the opportunity to appreciate and interact with the building's location and express their relationship to it. As a summary of the residency my findings were presented in the form of an archive, which can be accessed and added to by staff.

Cognitive maps workshopold map excerptparticipants on a White City WalkaboutThe aim of the project relied on in-depth research into White City, and a lot of time was spent, on and off site, researching the background of the area surrounding the Media Village. This inquiry was conducted in a number of ways: visits were made to local libraries and to the archive office, I attended meetings with local community representatives, BBC staff were asked to contribute, and much use was made of the broadband internet access.

Areas researched included the history, geography flora & fauna, and future of the neighbourhood.

Three workshop sessions and ten guided walks were held for the benefit of BBC Media Village staff. In addition to the research done further information was gathered from the lively debates, which resulted during some of the sessions.

LOCATE observations boardcognitive mapsParticipation by BBC staff was also encouraged by a presence in one of the communal hubs, and later in the entrance to the Media Centre’s fifth floor café. This took the form of an observations board for people to add their comments to, a photographic panorama from the Media Village for people to annotate and a reading area.

In addition to the participatory events I developed a number of ideas for permanent works as a legacy of the residency. All of the outcomes were based on the concept of locating oneself in environment and time. There are three main outcomes: a telescope, a fold-out 'map' of the skyline, and an archive of research material.