Hidden Histories - Munslow, Shropshire

"A group of people from all across Munslow parish took part in a history day and art workshop as part of a project funded by the Local Heritage Initiative.

"On 5th August, acclaimed local historian Bob Milner took us to some interesting sites around the parish, where we learned about the history of the parish and made notes and drawings. We visited five ways and the washwell in Aston Munslow and found some welcome shade as we explored Munslow's churchyard and burial ground. At the entrance to Thonglands Farm we learned about how to spot an ancient hedge and about the history of squatters on Rowe Lane.

"Two weeks later we reconvened at Beambridge club rooms for a workshop day led by artist Stuart Mugridge. We looked through the stories, drawings and photographs we'd gathered. We learned the fiddly art of lino cutting and made some fantastic prints based on our ideas and discoveries. We then began adding these symbols to a giant map of the parish."
Fiona Godfrey, August 2006

The art works produced will be used in several ways. A selection will be used to illustrate a leaflet that will be used to promote interest in the parish among local people and tourists. Additionally, an exhibition has been secured in the café area of the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre from 6th - 20th October. The leaflet will be made available from 6th October.

Local Heritage Initiative
Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre