A multi-media performance commissioned by Art Office for the official opening of the BBC Media Village to an invited audience of 500. The work was initiated by research into previous uses of the White City site. I developed the project to exploit the architectural space resulting in a visual spectacle. The work celebrated the building, the site's history and the diversity of the community.

500 toy parachutists were launched into the atrium of the new building. The plastic canopies were replaced with brilliantly coloured organza, and facts about the area were fastened to the soldiers.

“Chutes by Stuart Mugridge, a one-off performance for the opening event of the BBC's new Media Centre building in which hundreds of tiny parachutes holding toy soldiers will be launched inside the building.

“Chutes is inspired by the history of the White City site which was used for tent and parachute making during the First and Second World Wars”. BBC Press Release May 2004

Thanks to Lise Rose & Kate Farley for their help in manufacturing.