big SMALL Things - Stanley Road Primary School, Worcester

As we journey more regularly to the far-flung corners of this globe, as we continue to explore the surrounding solar system the unknown comes to be ever closer to home. Right under our noses; right under our feet.

The particulates of pollution in our lungs, the phytoplankton in the oceans and the lichens of the mountains are all providing new horizons for us to explore. Keeping a little bigger but introducing ideas of scale and 'invisibility' I focussed on the life of our meadows and grasslands and the everyday insects that inhabit them.

I developed a series of practical sessions that introduced new skills, reinforced existing skills and created visual material from which to develop 'legacy' artworks. A lot of the exercises were designed to be physical and fun so that the children would enjoy the creative process.

Through 'big SMALL Things' I worked with Nursery and Reception children, and their staff and parents to help them explore the miniature world: to marvel at it, to respond to it, to respect it and to celebrate it.

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